Spanish Olive Oil

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Spain produces a wide variety of delicious olive oils today. Producers grow a broad selection of olives thanks to Spain’s long history of olive oil production, and a tasting of Spanish olive oils reveals flavours from mild and nutty through to strong and fruity, so there is something to suit every palate.


Spanish Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Homer called it "liquid gold." The olive tree, symbol of abundance, glory and peace, gave its leafy branches to crown the victorious in friendly games and bloody war, and the oil of its fruit has anointed the noblest of heads throughout history.

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Spanish Olives


Forget your local supermarket olives - Spanish olives are firm, flavorful, cured and hand stuffed with herbs and garlic. Spain is the world’s leading producer of natural, healthy and extremely tasty olives.

Spanish Olives
Spanish Ham


Spanish jamons contain less moisture than their European counterparts. Considered to be the finest in Andalucia, Spain. Still made in the traditional way, these hams are entirely cured by the warm summer winds and cool winter airs of the Sierra Nevada.

Spanish Hams
Spanish Cheese


From the famed sheep’s milk Manchego cheese of La Mancha, to the smooth rich cow’s milk Cantabria from the north of Spain, there are delicious Spanish cheeses for everyone's taste.

Spanish Cheese

The quality of Spanish olive oil is tightly controlled by the International Olive Oil Council, who monitor production and certify only the best oils as extra virgin. This guarantees that Spanish olive oil retains the maximum nutrients as well as flavour and its wealth of health benefits are renowned.

The proof is in the eating, so taste your way through a selection of different Spanish olive oils and savour the varied aromas and flavours. Enjoy them with salads and then check out our recipe section to see other ways of using olive oil, in soups and even in baking.